Air Products, Bennett Pump Develop Dispenser for Hydrogen Refueling


Air Products, in partnership with Bennett Pump Co., has debuted a new fully integrated hydrogen fuel dispenser designed for use in retail refueling environments.

The company says the dispenser ‘mirrors traditional consumer gasoline fueling and payment practices,’ offering operators of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles an easy-to-use option for fueling. The product, which can be integrated into any existing retail point-of-sale system, uses SAE-certified components and proprietary hydrogen fueling protocols, and it meets SAE J2601 fueling requirements. The dispenser also features the latest Hydrogen Vehicle Authorization System, which identifies the type of vehicle being fueled.

‘There is a direct benefit in consumer acceptance of new technology in making the hydrogen fueling experience similar to the traditional vehicle fueling experience,’ says Brian Bonner, global product manager for hydrogen energy systems at Air Products. ‘Air Products adapted all the consumer features and capabilities of a retail gasoline dispenser into our newest hydrogen fuel dispensing equipment.’

This new dispenser will be put to use in 10 new California-based hydrogen refueling stations that Air Products is building this year.

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