Agility Expands Heavy-Duty CNG Product Line


Agility Fuel Systems has released a new behind-the-cab compressed natural gas fuel system for heavy-duty trucks that features 160 DGE of storage and weighs 500 lbs. less than the company's previous 155 DGE model.

The company says the new offering, which it developed in concert with joint-venture partner Hexagon Lincoln, uses four CNG cylinders and weighs 2,050 lbs. Agility says the system requires only 31 1/4′ of frame-rail space for installation.

‘Our new 160 DGE BTC is the lightest in the market per DGE and one of the highest-capacity standalone systems available, to enable a broad range of over-the-road trucking applications,’ says Barry Engle, CEO of Agility.

The behind-the-cab CNG storage setup alone offers a driving range of about 600 miles, according to Agility. But the new system can also be packaged with up to 286 DGE of additional CNG storage via side-mounted cylinders to yield a total driving range of more than 1,100 miles.

In addition to the new Agility/Hexagon Type 4 cylinders, the system features an integrated fuel management module with both fast- and time-fill receptacles, as well as pressure relief devices that monitor a larger area than older-style ‘point’ PRDs.

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