AGA Systems Offering Full Complement Of GM Bi-Fuel CNG Vehicles


Ogden, Utah-based AGA Systems has received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification for its compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel systems for 2013 General Motors trucks, vans and SUVs configured with 6.2-, 6.0-, 5.3- and 4.8-liter engines.

AGA says fleets can select the GM truck cab and engine configuration, CNG tank size and location, and instrumentation, as well as other standard aftermarket accessories. The company supplies a nationwide network of trained and certified partner installers that work with fleet and individual vehicle owners to perform the natural gas vehicle conversions and provide ongoing customer and technical support.

AGA Systems, formerly known as AutoGas America, says its fuel conversion products are high-altitude and cold-start tested and operate seamlessly with the vehicles' on-board diagnostics. The systems are engineered to the highest performance and emissions standards and carry a full three-year parts and labor warranty.

The GM CNG conversions are available now. For more information, contact Bryan Wilcox at (801) 290-8010 or

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