AeroVironment Now Shipping And Installing EV Charging Station


AeroVironment says it has begun shipping and installing its UL-listed single-family and multi-unit residential Smart Charging Dock. Designed with an open architecture to ensure interoperability with the thousands of individual utilities nationwide, the grid-connected system charges electric and plug-in electric hybrid cars in drivers' homes, the company explains.

AeroVironment says it designed its Smart Charging Dock and supporting software to integrate easily with utilities' IT network over various communication methods, including GPRS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and ZigBee. The charging system enables communication with the utility to allow for easy monitoring of energy use, troubleshooting and data analysis, AeroVironment says. Utilities can then assess charging patterns and proactively manage the needs of electric vehicles (EVs) on utilities' generation and distribution systems. Utilities will ultimately be able to aggregate collected data for a global view of EV energy usage and user habits, AeroVironment adds.

“Our Smart Charging Dock is designed to flex with the needs of utilities and drivers,” says Mike Bissonette, senior vice president and general manager of efficient energy systems at AeroVironment. “The open architecture ensures that utilities will be able to incorporate it easily into their own monitoring systems. It also communicates wirelessly with the grid and provides feedback that helps determine the optimum charging times to effectively manage demand on the grid.”

SOURCE: AeroVironment

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