Advanced Disposal Uses CNG Fleet to Serve Macon-Bibb County


Advanced Disposal has started providing residential garbage and yard waste collection services to the former incorporated Macon, Ga., communities, and the company is using a fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered trucks in order to do the work.

Advanced Disposal notes the privatization of the former city limits of Macon – now a consolidated government with Bibb County – is the second major residential community to privatize with the company within the last 18 months.

The company invested locally in Macon-Bibb County this September to build a $1.6 million CNG fueling station at its hauling facility. Thirteen of the company’s 18 regional trucks will fill up at the station every night, and Advanced Disposal says it expects to add more CNG trucks when it retires diesel models.

“We’re proud of the fact that as of the end of 2015, approximately 15 percent of our company-wide fleet is running on CNG,” says Advanced Disposal CEO Richard Burke. “We continue to invest in CNG to not only keep our fleet running cleaner and to create a more sustainable earth, but this cleaner fuel source also reduces operations costs, thereby enhancing stakeholder returns. We are excited to utilize these innovative vehicles locally, building this new public-private partnership and providing unparalleled solid waste management services to Macon-Bibb County.”

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