Adsorbed Natural Gas Products Granted Patent for NGV Pressure System


Adsorbed Natural Gas Products Inc. (ANGP) says it received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Sorbent Based Low Pressure Gaseous Delivery System, which ANGP refers to as its Fuel Extraction Pressurization System (FEPS), for natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

The formal issuance of the patent is expected over the next eight to 12 weeks, ANGP says.

As reported, the patent covers the embodiment of the ANGP FEPS in an isolation circuit designed to operate only when the gaseous storage tank on a vehicle drops below a specified pressure. This embodiment allows for increased energy efficiency of the ANGP adsorbed natural gas (ANG)-based storage system in conjunction with the vehicle’s fuel injection and electrical systems.

According to the company, ANGP’s isolation circuit-triggered FEPS is best suited for high-horsepower applications requiring high energy density flow at pressures in excess of 100 psi. ANGP’s low-pressure storage systems designed for light-duty vehicles do not require the use of the FEPS due to the high release rate of natural gas from the ANGP system technology.

ANGP designs, develops and manufactures onboard, low-pressure ANG storage technology, and related products, for all classes of motor vehicles.

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