Xpress Natural Gas Bringing ‘Virtual’ CNG Pipeline to Washington State


Xpress Natural Gas LLC (XNG) has signed a lease with the Satsop Business Park, located on the Port of Grays Harbor on Washington state's Pacific coast, for a compressed natural gas (CNG) distribution facility and a build-out of XNG's CNG fleet.

The Port of Grays Harbor Commissioners approved a 10-year lease for 4.3 acres of land for the $3 million facility. XNG will construct a CNG distribution terminal in the West Park area that will use the existing natural gas line to fill portable tubes for transport to industrial customers throughout the region.

An additional $2 million will be invested in the fleet of CNG trucks and trailers that service XNG's customers. XNG operates a large fleet of high-capacity, all-composite CNG tractor-trailers.

The facility's operations will be manned 24/7, and XNG expects to employ 20-25 employees at full build-out, in addition to the construction and trucking service jobs that will be generated. XNG operates similar facilities in Maine and New York.

XNG is a Boston-based logistics and transportation company that serves as what it calls a “virtual pipeline” to provide trucked natural gas solutions to locations where a pipeline does not provide gas service.

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