Xebec Rolls Out Exchange Program For CNG Dryer Components


Quebec-based manufacturer Xebec is offering a program whereby the company enables compressed natural gas (CNG) station operators to exchange used dew-point probes for natural gas dryers in return for recalibrated units.

According to the company, the recalibration program allows CNG dryers to continue operating at peak energy efficiency while minimizing equipment downtime.

Xebec says that through the program, customers send a purchase order to the company for a recalibrated probe, with the item number included. Xebec returns an order confirmation with a return material authorization (RMA) form and ships a recalibrated probe to customers.

At the CNG station, customers install the probe on the dryer and send back the old probe with a copy of the RMA form. Xebec then issues a credit for the old probe.

For more information, call (450) 979-8733 or email recalservice@xebecinc.com.

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