Wright Express, U-Haul Partner To Simplify Propane Vehicle Refueling


Wright Express Corp. says U-Haul International Inc. is now accepting the Wright Express fuel card for the fueling of vehicles powered by propane autogas. U-Haul is one of the largest operators of propane fueling sites in the U.S., with more than 1,000 locations under management.

‘The Wright Express fuel card allows U-Haul to provide our customers with added service and convenience,’ says JP White, U-Haul's propane program manager. ‘Additionally, U-Haul has pay-at-the-pump service, which means that our customers never have to go into the U-Haul store to pay for the propane they purchase.’

Wright Express notes that its fuel card can be used for other alternative fuels, such as compressed natural gas, wherever the Wright Express fuel card is accepted. The company is also expanding network acceptance for customers who want use their Wright Express cards for charging electric vehicles.

Drivers can find U-Haul propane autogas fueling locations at uhaul.com/propane.

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