White Logistics Partners with HVS for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Trial


Glasgow, Scotland-based manufacturer Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has formed a partnership with White Logistics to explore the suitability of zero-emission hydrogen technology for adoption in its heavy-duty fleet.

Based in Worcestershire, England, White Logistics has entered into a memorandum of agreement with HVS that will provide trial vehicles for the White Logistics fleet, where the firm can test-drive the vehicles on delivery routes and experience hydrogen fueling equipment first-hand. The agreement will enable White Logistics to collaborate with HVS on all aspects of hydrogen EV technology, hydrogen infrastructure and refueling equipment, and share operational data to ensure a successful trial period.

White Logistics will be in a favorable position to convert part of its fleet to these zero-emission trucks after this trial period.

With a fleet of over 150 delivery vehicles and trailers, of which more than 90 are heavy trucks, White Logistics has been providing warehouse, storage and logistics solutions to businesses nationwide for 50-plus years. The company is committed to driving sustainable initiatives that decrease its carbon footprint and that of its customers and subcontractors. 

“We pride ourselves on our modern fleet that is optimized for mileage and environmental efficiencies whilst always meeting the needs of our customers,” says Graeme White, CEO for White Logistics. “As we look to the future, White Logistics will again be at the forefront of available vehicle technology. We are exploring the latest developments in alternative fuels and are very excited about working with HVS to understand how hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will support us in our net-zero ambitions.”

HVS is focused on engineering excellence, design innovation and sustainability. Its powertrain solution, designed as a native fuel cell electric vehicle, promises superior efficiency, outstanding performance and a reduced environmental impact.

“White Logistics’ decarbonization vision aligns perfectly with our own, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Graeme and his team to integrate our hydrogen fuel cell vehicles into their vehicle fleet,” says John McLeister, chief commercial officer at HVS. “We are passionate about helping the road haulage industry to decarbonize faster and look forward to providing the solutions that will help transition the White fleet to zero.”

HVS’ Transition to Zero Program outlines its commitment to supporting potential partners in their journey toward zero-emission transportation. Through their collaboration in the program, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a trial involving HVS’ hydrogen vehicles. As with White Logistics, this trial allows potential operators to test-drive the vehicles on delivery routes and directly experience hydrogen fueling equipment.

Through continuous collaboration, both HVS and program participants will provide support to facilitate the transition to zero-emission fleets. This structured framework includes technology options, hydrogen refueling infrastructure, safety and regulation guidance, finance options, government incentives, warranty information, training programs for driving and maintenance, and fleet assessment.

The aim is to ensure a smooth transition by sharing insights, information and resources necessary for a successful adoption of hydrogen vehicles, aligned to partners’ sustainability goals.

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