Westport Nets CARB Certification for CNG Ford Transit, F-150


Natural gas engine company Westport Innovations Inc. says it has received certification from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) Westport WiNG Power System used in the Ford Transit cargo van and passenger wagon and the F-150 truck for model-year 2016.

According to the company, Westport is the only company in Ford’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier program to meet CARB’s onboard diagnostic and emissions requirements for the Transit and the F-150.

Both the cargo van and passenger wagon models of the dedicated CNG Transit 3.7L have been certified as “Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicles” in recognition of their emissions-cutting abilities, says Westport. The company says that this certification is valid for the Transit T-250 and T-350 cargo vans and for passenger wagons up to 10,000 gross vehicle weight and, further, that this certification qualifies these vehicles for high-occupancy vehicle lane access in California.

Westport also has pending CARB certification for the F-150 dedicated propane autogas.

“CARB is a very tough standard to meet, but we now have a range of certified vehicles which are compliant in all 15 of the states that have adopted the CARB regulations,” says Paul Shaffer, vice president and managing director of Westport Dallas.

“The Transit and F-150 are both the best sellers in their class and serve everyone from super shuttle drivers to tradesmen. CARB certification of these vehicles illustrates that owners can get the truck or van they want while also cutting emissions,” Shaffer adds.

The F-150 features two in-bed tank package options, as well as an underbody option, which provides greater flexibility and preserves bed space.

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