Westport Natural Gas Vehicles: All Together Now


Westport says it is unifying all of its dedicated and bi-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel-system products and body configurations for Ford natural gas vehicle (NGV) conversions under the Westport WiNG Power System brand.

The company's announcement follows a move it made in January, when Westport opted to shift the majority of its activities related to light-duty NGVs to Texas from Plymouth, Mich., and Louisville, Ky. Dallas is home to the headquarters of BAF Technologies Inc., which Westport acquired in June 2013.

Here is the Westport WiNG NGV lineup for current-model-year Fords:

  • Bi-Fuel CNG

F-250/350 pickup trucks
F-250/350 bed-delete trucks
F-350 chassis cabs

  • Dedicated CNG

F-150/250/350 pickup trucks
F-350/450/550/650 chassis cabs
E-250/350 vans
E-350HD/E-450 cutaways
F-59 strip chassis

Westport notes that these conversions are handled through Ford Motor Co.'s Qualified Vehicle Modifer (QVM) program, which enables fleet customers to order vehicles through their usual Ford dealerships and protects vehicle warranties and quality standards.

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