Westport Innovations, EMD Collaborate On Natural Gas System For Locomotives


Westport Innovations Inc. says it has entered into a consortium agreement with Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of diesel-electric locomotives, to integrate Westport's technologies into a locomotive provided by Canadian National Railways (CN).

Under the agreement, Westport will provide its core technologies for the engine and fuel system, as well as intellectual property, including its high-pressure direct-injection (HPDI) and natural gas fuel system technologies. The HPDI technology is well suited for high-horsepower applications such as locomotives, as it retains the torque and power of diesel engines while reducing carbon emissions, according to the company.

EMD will contribute its OEM experience to integrate the natural gas engine, related components and controls to create a working platform. The consortium, including partners CN and Gaz Metro, expects to demonstrate the new locomotive as part of the Sustainable Development Technology Canada project, which aims to help mitigate harmful emissions.

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