Westport: 23 LD and MD NGVs, Hundreds of Thousands in Fuel Savings


AAA Oklahoma, the large auto club's affiliate in Oklahoma, has reported that its fleet of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) provides the company with approximately $400,000 in fuel savings annually.

Twelve of AAA Oklahoma's NGVs are Ford F-650s that incorporate Westport WiNG dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) systems. These vehicles are used for towing and light service needs, the company says. Another 10 of the fleet's NGVs are CNG bi-fuel Ford F-250s (also Westport WiNG systems) that are ‘used by AAA's mobile battery technicians to carry a large inventory of automotive batteries.’ (The fleet's 23rd NGV is not a Westport-equipped vehicle.)

Westport discussed AAA Oklahoma's experience with NGVs in a company blog post. A highlight of operating a fleet of NGVs in Oklahoma, of course, is the state's relatively strong network of CNG stations.

‘Oklahoma's CNG infrastructure is nicely developed,’ fleet manager Dana Storey says. ‘We have many options available in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City.’

Read more about AAA Oklahoma's NGV fleet here.

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