Westmore Fuel Cuts The Ribbon On New York Biodiesel Facility


Westmore Fuel Company Inc. has opened its new biodiesel terminal in Port Chester, N.Y., integrating renewable fuel into both on-road diesel fuel and heating oil. The biodiesel is supplied by Ultra Green Energy Services LLC, which produces the fuel from recycled fat and oil feedstock.

The company notes that the new terminal has expanded the distribution area of biodiesel into Westchester and Fairfield counties (in New York and Connecticut, respectively) and serves as ‘an important linchpin for the overall infrastructure base for biodiesel in the metro New York area.’

Westmore Fuel installed a 20,000-gallon storage tank for B-100 biodiesel, as well as equipment to blend the fuel with other diesel fuels and distribute it on four tanker-truck filling racks. The project garnered $200,000 in incentives from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and assistance from the National Biodiesel Foundation (NBF).

‘We are thrilled to have such a great partnership with Westmore that will provide a reliable supply of high-quality, precision-blended biodiesel to such an important metropolitan region, reaching important new fleets and customers,’ says Tom Verry, NBF's executive director.

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