Waste Management Breaks Ground In Ohio To Further Expand CNG Fleet


Waste Management says it has started construction on its new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling facility to convert its fleet of trucks that service the Columbus, Ohio, area. This will represent Waste Management's first fleet of CNG trucks in the state.

The company will be transitioning 55 trucks to CNG and expects 25 new trucks to arrive by late summer. The converted vehicles, which use a ‘slow fill’ method, carry approximately 50 gallons of CNG, allowing them to run 10 to 12 hours and complete a typical day's waste or recycling collection route, according to Waste Management.

‘This new fueling facility will give us the direct capability to fuel a CNG fleet in the Columbus area, and with the CNG fleet, we'll lower our fleet emissions, helping to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,’ says Frank Fello, senior district manager for Waste Management of Ohio.

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