Waste Industries USA and Mansfield Energy Building CNG Station


Waste Industries USA Inc., a regional refuse and recycling services provider on the East Coast, is working with Mansfield Energy Corp. on a time-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling site in Bolivia, N.C.

Mansfield is designing the facility, supplying and installing the CNG equipment, and handling station start-up and personnel training. The site will also feature a methane detection system that Mansfield will install. The time-fill infrastructure, which will be located at 2809 Galloway Rd., will feature 23 dual-hose set-ups.

These pumps will help accommodate 32 new natural gas vehicles (NGVs) for Waste Industries' Brunswick, N.C., operations, which already has access to another CNG station that Mansfield constructed.

‘We look forward to unveiling our fleet of 32 new trucks running cleaner on CNG fuel,’ says Gregory Brinkley, general manager of Waste Industries – Brunswick. ‘The capacity of the CNG system being built allows for growth beyond these initial 32 trucks.’

Mansfield anticipates completing this project in April.

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