W Energy Software to Launch Natural Gas Measurement Solution


W Energy Software, a company that specializes in upstream and midstream oil and gas ERP solutions, says it will launch its oil and gas measurement product line to track liquids and natural gas measurement data across the energy value chain later this year in the fall.  

The new measurement solution will provide upstream and midstream companies with essential data management capabilities to monitor gas and liquid measurement data from the wellhead through production, storage, transportation, processing and points of sale.  

Additionally, W Energy Software’s measurement solution will enable companies to warehouse field data in the cloud, validate measurement data, track product quality and balance gas and liquid volumes. The measurement solution will enable existing clients to integrate measurement data with their W Energy Software solutions and drive new operational and cost efficiencies. W Energy Software has also created a Measurement Product Consortium that has already attracted the interest of multiple large upstream and midstream companies who will align product development with industry requirements. Interested energy companies are invited to join the consortium to provide direct input and receive product discounts.

“Accurately tracking hydrocarbon volumes is the heart of an oil and gas business and those who focus on measurement and supporting related workflows with robust technology and hardened processes will improve production and cash flow,” says Pete Waldroop, CEO of W Energy Software.  

“Not only does our new measurement product offer the market choice, it provides superior cloud-based functionality for securely recording, validating, balancing and reporting hydrocarbon volumes unencumbered by legacy technology while also providing energy companies with a technology partnership that is laser-focused on their business success,” he adds.

W Energy Software’s measurement product line is currently under development and is expected to be commercially available by the end of 2021. This news follows on the heels of W Energy Software’s recent announcement that it is experiencing accelerated growth in multiple markets where measurement plays a crucial role, including natural gas plant accounting, liquids transportation and upstream ERP.

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