VW’s Electrify America Seeks Input on $500M Investment


Virginia-based Electrify America LLC, a Volkswagen subsidiary created to help fulfill funding requirements under the automaker’s “Dieselgate” settlement, has issued a call for comments, proposals and recommendations that provide guidance and data to help guide the company’s next set of zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure investments in California and across the country.

This next $500 million investment cycle, the second of four 30-month cycles and part of a $2 billion commitment over 10 years, will start in July 2019 and end in December 2021. The company says this is an opportunity for governments, organizations and others to assist Electrify America as it updates its analytical models, evaluates new technology and public policy developments, tracks evolving consumer expectations and explores the value of new allowable ZEV investments.

The call for input comes after Electrify America revealed plans in December to install more than 2,800 workplace and residential charging stations across the U.S. by June 2019 as part of its Cycle 1 investments.

To assist in drafting Cycle 2 investment plans, Electrify America says it is specifically looking for the following types of feedback:

Suggestions and Data Relevant to Cycle 2 Investments: Input from governments or organizations that is helpful to the decision-making process, including data for helping qualify appropriate new use cases or to place charging stations, ZEV infrastructure plans for individual communities, and information regarding state and local policies designed to increase ZEV adoption;

Education & Access Suggestions: Suggestions on Electrify America’s approach to education and access or specific events it should consider for participation;

Specific Site Locations: Site locations that should be nominated for consideration in Cycle 2 infrastructure investments;

Cycle 1 Comments and Feedback: Feedback on Electrify America’s Cycle 1 national and California ZEV investment plans, including approaches to metro selection, highways included, evaluation of use cases and integration of new technology; and

Other: All other comments or submissions that relate directly to Electrify America’s ZEV investment commitment.

The company says all submissions must be received by March 1 to better ensure consideration in the Cycle 2 investment plans. For more information or to submit, please visit Electrify America’s website here.

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