Volvo to Launch New V90 CNG Bi-Fuel Station Wagon


Westport Fuel Systems Inc., a global company for the engineering, manufacturing and supply of alternative fuel systems and components, has announced that Volvo Car will soon launch a bi-fuel version of its new V90 station wagon.

According to Westport, the engine can run on either compressed natural gas (CNG)/biomethane or petrol. The company says it is expected to offer low emissions of 120g CO2 when running on CNG and 40g CO2 when using 100% biogas.

Further, the car will also feature a high-performance 254 hp engine, 350 Nm of torque and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

“The Volvo V90 bi-fuel will be an important model for us. It will primarily benefit our taxi fleet customers, and it will also be good for companies with an explicit environmental policy,” says Fredrik Isakson, manager of fleet sales and business development at Volvo Car Sverige.

“The 254 horsepower engine makes it the most powerful CNG car on the market and, therefore, the natural choice for high-performance green driving,” asserts Anders Johansson, managing director of Westport Sweden.

Sales of the V90 bi-fuel, which will supersede the Volvo V70, will begin in Sweden this month. Vehicle deliveries are expected to start in December.

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