Volvo Buses Receives Largest Order Yet for Electric-Hybrid Buses


Volvo Buses says it has received an order for 11 electric-hybrid buses and two electric bus chargers supplied by ABB to the city of Namur, Belgium. According to Volvo, this is the largest order to date for the company’s electric bus system.

Public transport authority and operator TEC is buying the bus system as a turnkey solution. Volvo says it will take full responsibility for vehicle servicing, battery maintenance and maintenance of the standard-based charging stations for a fixed monthly cost. Traffic start is planned toward the end of this year.

“Electric bus systems is a cost-efficient solution for cities to reduce the problems of poor air quality and noise,” says Hakan Agnevall, president of Volvo Buses. “Together with ABB, Volvo has a complete and competitive offer for cities around the world that want to switch to a sustainable public transport system.”

Volvo’s 7900 electric hybrid buses operate quietly and free of emissions on renewable electricity for approximately 7 km. The batteries are charged in just a few minutes at the end stops, as well as by the energy generated whenever the vehicle brakes. As a complement, the buses also have a small diesel engine, which increases reach and flexibility.

According to Volvo, total energy consumption is 60% lower as compared with a corresponding diesel bus, with up to 90% lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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