Volkswagen BUDD-e Electric Van Makes U.S. Auto Show Debut


The all-electric Volkswagen (VW) BUDD-e concept has made its U.S. auto show debut at the New York International Auto Show this week. Powered by a 101 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, VW claims that the BUDD-e concept can drive up to 233 miles on a single charge using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) testing cycle.

The BUDD-e is the first vehicle to ride on the all-new modular electric platform that was specifically designed for plug-in vehicles. The lithium-ion battery pack is flat and integrated into the vehicle architecture for weight savings, while two electric motors – one at the front wheels and one at the rear wheels – send power to all four wheels for a top speed of 93 MPH.

VW is presenting the BUDD-e as more than just a car, positioning it as an integral part of the “Internet of Things” by having it connect to your smart home or office. This could enable drivers to access their home computers, thermostats or lighting. VW has also done away with the traditional gauge cluster and center console infotainment system, merging both together directly in front of the driver. The new information cluster is customizable to driver preferences.

The BUDD-e made its initial debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, and it is just the latest electric van concept from the German automaker. Though the BUDD-e is unlikely to make it into production as is, the EPA is reportedly pressuring VW to build electric vehicles in order to make amends for the “dieselgate” scandal.

VW currently offers only a single electric vehicle, the e-Golf, in the U.S.

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