VNG Working with Large Dealership to Increase Presence of CNG Fleets


VNG.CO LLC has partnered with Randy Marion Automotive Group, a network of multiple GM dealerships in North Carolina and South Carolina, to provide fleets with compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling solutions for light-duty natural gas vehicles.

‘Many of our customers are interested in the benefits of CNG-powered pickup trucks, vans and passenger cars, but the lack of fueling stations has kept them on the sideline,’ says Brad Sigmon, general manager of fleet for Randy Marion Automotive Group. ‘With the benefit of VNG's national fueling program at retail gasoline stations, a major obstacle to delivering more light-duty NGVs to fleet customers is being overcome.’

The companies' strategic marketing agreement will focus squarely on fleet customers, whereby these clients will work with VNG and Randy Marion Automotive Group to identify where they most need access to CNG – and VNG then coordinates the addition of CNG to existing retail fueling locations in those areas, simplifying fleets' access to the fuel.

‘We look forward to working with the Randy Marion team to provide their customers a fueling solution to support their use of NGVs,’ says Robert Friedman, chief operating officer of VNG. ‘With no cost to fleets for the infrastructure, the cost-saving benefits of CNG drop right to the bottom line.’

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