U.S. Venture Pegs GAIN Clean Fuel CNG Business as Separate Division


U.S. Venture Inc., a distributor and marketer of energy, automotive and lubricant products in North America, has decided to establish a separate corporate division for its GAIN Clean Fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) business.

The new division, called U.S. Gain, will encompass all operations related to the GAIN Clean Fuel brand CNG station network for commercial fleet operators and shippers. The network has 39 sites operational or under way and is expected to expand to 100 locations in the next two years.

GAIN Clean Fuel was originally managed within the U.S. Oil division, whose principal focus is petroleum and biofuel distribution, trading and terminal operations. U.S. Venture's other two divisions include U.S. AutoForce and U.S. Lubricants.

“The new division emphasizes U.S Venture's commitment to this growing category and to the GAIN Clean Fuel brand,” explains U.S. Gain General Manager Bill Renz. “The quality way we do business will not change, and our goal remains to be a leading national supplier to our commercial customers.”

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