U.S. Navy Fleet Ship Uses Biofuel On Pacific Trip


Solazyme Inc. says the USS Ford, a U.S. Navy frigate ship, has completed a trip from Everett, Wash., to San Diego using a 50/50 blend of Soladiesel HRD-76 and F-76 petroleum diesel.

Solazyme's Soladiesel HRD-76 is a 100% algae-derived, renewable marine diesel fuel. The USS Ford, which uses GE's LM 2500 diesel turbines, consumed 25,000 gallons of the alternative fuel blend to make the journey. No changes to the ship's infrastructure or the fueling pier were required, the company notes.

‘The U.S. Navy continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of our fuel in multiple vessels, and we are honored to have the opportunity to assist with efforts to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels,’ says Rogerio Manso, chief commercialization officer at Solazyme.

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