UPS: Natural Gas Vehicles Playing Big Role in New Sustainability Goal


Upon the release this week of its annual sustainability report, UPS has announced a new goal for its transportation operations: a 20% reduction in carbon intensity by 2020.

In the report, which is available here, the company also notes that it met its 2016 goal of reducing its air and ground fleet's carbon intensity by 10% three years early.

UPS says its current complement of more than 3,600 alternative fuel and advanced vehicles are a ‘'rolling laboratory' to test, optimize and deploy new-generation vehicles.’ By the end of last year, UPS had deployed 249 heavy-duty tractors fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG), and the company is on target to deploy more than 1,000 LNG tractors by the end of 2014. UPS says its current natural gas tractor fleet runs more than 2 million miles per week.

Last year, UPS' alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles worldwide logged 55 million miles and avoided the use of 5.8 million gallons of conventional gasoline and diesel. Since 2000, the fleet has logged more than 350 million miles and avoided using 34.5 million gallons of conventional gasoline and diesel.

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