UPS Locks Down LNG Supply from Clean Energy


Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has inked a multi-year agreement to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to logistics giant UPS as it expands its fleet of heavy-duty natural gas vehicles.

LNG from Clean Energy will support UPS' fleet at five locations in Texas: at two private UPS refueling stations located in Houston and Mesquite, and at three Clean Energy LNG facilities in Amarillo, Mesquite and San Antonio, Texas. The Clean Energy site in Mesquite is already operational, and the stations in Amarillo and San Antonio are scheduled to come online next month.

About 125 UPS tractors will refuel at these five stations, Clean Energy tells NGT News. Projections suggest that a minimum of 5 million gallons of LNG annually will be pumped at the private stations, and approximately 1 million gallons annually will be supplied to the retail stations.

‘Opening the Texas Triangle to LNG fueling is a significant milestone in the use of natural gas in goods movement, and we look forward to supporting UPS' natural gas fleet as it continues to expand across the nation,’ says James Harger, chief marketing officer for Clean Energy.

UPS is in the process of converting hundreds of its tractors to run on LNG. A high concentration of these NGVs will operate out of Texas, as well as in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California and Tennessee.

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