UAE Firm Commits to Buying CNG from Florida


RenuEn Corp. has signed a contract with Al-Gahry Trading, a Dubai-based exporting firm, whereby Al-Gahry will purchase 3.75 million GGE of compressed natural gas (CNG) from RenuEn over a five-year period.

The CNG will be derived from RenuEn's new St. Cloud, Fla.-based landfill gas facility.

‘Phase one of our designed facility is capable of producing approximately 62,500 GGE per month, or 750,000 GGE per year, and this purchase agreement will account for 100 percent of the production from the first phase,’ says Don Wood, CEO of RenuEn.

As a part of its operations, Al-Gahry runs trucking fleets in the U.S, and the CNG that the company is buying from RenuEn will fuel its own natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Al-Gahry intends to use NGVs that are based on a platform from German manufacturer MBM Trucks.

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