U.S. Gain Expands CNG Services in Ohio with Clean Fuel Brand


U.S. Gain, the compressed natural gas (CNG) division of U.S. Venture Inc., has partnered with the City of Hamilton to add the GAIN Clean Fuel brand to its fueling station, located at 2220 South Erie Blvd., Hamilton, Ohio.

According to U.S. Gain, the CNG station is a self-service, commercial, fast-filling facility that is able to service up to eight vehicles at a time. Built in 2014, this is the only public CNG station in the Cincinnati region.

“Our partnership with U.S. Gain will increase our energy independence through the use of a domestically produced fuel while decreasing our carbon footprint,” says Mike Gurr, the City of Hamilton’s field services superintendent. “This partnership will also drive national CNG fleets from GAIN’s network to stop and fuel in the City of Hamilton.”

“The city currently has 10 CNG-fueled vehicles and plans to increase the CNG fleet over the next several years,” Gurr adds. “This is just one of several green initiatives the City of Hamilton is engaged in.”

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