TruStar Energy Puts CNG Online In Western Pennsylvania


TruStar Energy, a provider of natural gas fueling infrastructure and related solutions, has completed a time-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) facility for Vogel Disposal Services Inc. in Mars, Pa.

The station, which features a dual-compressor set-up, currently fuels Vogel's 10 CNG-powered refuse trucks, but TruStar designed and built the station to accommodate Vogel's expansion plans: at least 70 trucks.

‘We run 70 units out of this location, and our plan is to replace them with CNG units at the rate of about 10 trucks each year,’ says Doug Vogel, the company's vice president.

He notes that the company began shifting its fleet to CNG, in part, because of ‘engine issues pertaining to the new diesel emissions standards.’

‘Our newer trucks were having a lot of exhaust regen issues, which would take the truck down and often require that we take them back to the truck dealer – making it tough on our operation,’ Vogel explains.

In addition to bringing 60 new natural gas vehicles into the fleet, Vogel's long-term plans include the construction of another CNG station at another company site. Also, Vogel has technology installed at its landfill that captures and cleans landfill gas – the equivalent of about 8,000 DGE/day – for distribution into the utility system. Ultimately, the company will fuel its own trucks with that resource.

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