TruStar Energy Debuts First Company-Branded CNG Station


TruStar Energy, which has long worked with other companies and government customers as a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station developer, constructor and service provider, has revealed a new initiative and opened its first and very own TruStar-Energy-branded CNG station.

Located in Orlando, Fla., the public-access station is equipped with four traffic lanes and two fueling islands, providing easy access for commercial vehicles and CNG-powered consumer vehicles. The California-based company says that the 24/7 fast-fill station is capable of fueling several hundred vehicles a day.

‘We continue to see a shift taking place in North America where more commercial vehicles are running on CNG – it's cheaper, cleaner, quieter running, and domestically abundant and produced. As a result, the company has embarked on a strategic path to open dozens of TruStar Energy public CNG stations [in the U.S.] over the next several years – Orlando is our first,’ explains TruStar Energy President Adam Comora.

‘Rest assured, though, we will continue to provide the same outstanding design, construction, maintenance, and training services for private, public and government customers,” adds Comora.

In fact, TruStar spokesperson Jeffry Swertfeger notes that the company has already helped build 10 CNG stations for partners in Florida alone.

For example, Jose Rivera, vice president at Florida-based J.J. Taylor, says TruStar served as a valuable partner in the construction of the beer distributor's Tampa and Ft. Myers CNG stations.

“[TruStar's] investment in growing Florida's CNG fueling infrastructure will provide fleets – like ours – the ability to extend our routes outside of our private station network – they should be applauded for undertaking this initiative,” comments Rivera.

TruStar says its new CNG station, located at 8520 Exchange Dr. in the Orlando Central Park development, is also designed for future expansion; the facility can handle two additional dispensers, adding four more traffic lanes.

‘We identified Orlando as one of the best markets to build our first station, because it has a high volume of CNG vehicles and the potential to add many more,’ remarks Scott Edelbach, general manager of TruStar Energy. ‘Our state-of-the-art CNG station is perfectly located close to several major fleets, as well as a heavy traffic corridor, making it a valuable, profitable and productive resource for businesses in the area.’

The TruStar Energy CNG station is supplied by TECO Peoples Gas, a natural gas distribution utility that also recently tapped TruStar to construct a separate CNG station for the City of Orlando.

‘By using domestically produced natural gas to fuel our transportation needs, we are not only creating and securing more American jobs, but also decreasing our dependence on foreign oil,’ comments Keith Gruetzmacher, senior manager of alternative fuel vehicle programs for TECO Peoples Gas. ‘TECO Peoples Gas is proud to partner with TruStar Energy to accelerate this clean, efficient and American fueling solution.’

Swertfeger adds TruStar will be building another company-branded CNG station in Florida's Ft. Myers region – just another station in what TruStar expects will eventually become the company's growing public CNG network across the U.S.

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