TruStar Constructing Second CNG Station for Existing Client


Kimble Recycling & Disposal Inc. has selected TruStar Energy to develop a new compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station in Canton, Ohio, in order to better serve its own growing fleet of heavy-duty natural gas vehicles.

The station will have a large time-fill component (for up to 55 of Kimble's own NGVs), as well as public-access fast-fill refueling.

‘We like CNG and know it pays for itself,’ says Keith Walker, Kimble's director of operations. ‘The cost savings per DGE when compared to diesel more than pays for the cost of the station.’

TruStar Energy says construction of the Canton station will begin this month, with full operation slated for December.

Kimble worked with TruStar to build its first CNG station three years ago, in Twinsburg, Ohio. That private facility can refuel 65 CNG-powered refuse trucks overnight. Kimble is also eyeing a third CNG station: this time, a public facility in Dover, Ohio.

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