Trilogy Now Using Luxfer Tanks in CNG Systems


Trilogy Engineered Solutions, a developer of natural gas fuel systems for heavy-duty trucks, has begun integrating Luxfer Gas Cylinders' new 26-inch-diameter G-Stor Go Type 4 compressed natural gas cylinders into its platforms.

‘Switching to Luxfer's new cylinders resulted in a 13 to 18 percent weight savings over Type 4 cylinders Trilogy previously used,’ says Trilogy's Matt Lawrence. ‘We were specifically looking to reduce the overall weight of our systems, and Luxfer has helped us do that.’

Western Dairy Transport (WDT) – the largest transporter of milk and dairy products in the U.S. – is among the first fleets to implement the new set-up. For WDT's systems, Trilogy is using boss-mounted Luxfer cylinders in lengths of 60 inches and 90 inches. Three cylinders are installed on a truck.

‘The weight savings was a huge game-changer for us,’ says WDT president and CEO David Shelton, who notes that using CNG provides a monthly fuel savings of about $1,000 per truck compared to the cost of diesel.

Trilogy notes that using Luxfer cylinders also yields a 4% to 5% percent performance increase in terms of capacity (in diesel gallon equivalents) versus its previous cylinders.

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