Trillium CNG Planning to Build More Than 100 Natural Gas Stations


Trillium CNG, a unit of Integrys Energy Group that specializes in compressed natural gas (CNG) facilities, has developed plans to construct 101 CNG refueling stations in the U.S. by 2016.

These fast-fill facilities will be accessible to the public, but Trillium CNG is also prioritizing a design that will accommodate Class 8 trucks' refueling needs. Each of the new facilities will host an anchor fleet of natural gas vehicles that access CNG through preferred fuel-purchase agreements.

Texas will see 14 new Trillium CNG stations, and Ohio (8 stations), Florida (7), Illinois (6) and Pennsylvania (6) will also host a number of facilities. Sites are also planned for a number of other states, from California to the Carolinas.

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