Transit Fleet’s CNG Plans Are Under Fire


TransLink, the public transportation agency serving metropolitan Vancouver, B.C., has put plans in motion to acquire more than 40 new heavy-duty buses that run on compressed natural gas (CNG), as well as to earmark millions of dollars for CNG refueling infrastructure and NGV maintenance.

However, the mayor of nearby Burnaby, Derek Corrigan, has raised questions about whether such a move is prudent.

According to coverage in The Vancouver Sun, Corrigan voiced his concerns earlier this week during a meeting of Vancouver's transportation committee, contending that TransLink's existing CNG-powered bus fleet – launched in 2006 – has already been a costly endeavor.

‘You're moving into a product, doing an experimental change and making these kinds of expansions when you're in the position where you can't expand service,’ Corrigan said, as reported by Sun journalist Kelly Sinoski.

For more, read the Sun's coverage here.

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