Total Opens France’s Largest NGV-Dedicated Refueling Station


Total has inaugurated France’s largest refueling station exclusively dedicated to natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

Located at the heart of the logistics platform of Gennevilliers, the second-largest fluvial port in Europe, this station is now open 24/7 to both fleets and consumers. It will be operated by Total for the next 10 years. The station will support the development of new mobilities in the Île-de-France region and will become a strategic location for natural gas supply to the Grand Paris area.

This Total-branded station will distribute compressed natural gas (CNG), which will be supplied to the site by GRTgaz through its high-pressure gas delivery network. 

The development of the refueling station and its opening to the general public will complete the existing Total network in France and allow a growing number of transportation and logistics professionals of the greater Paris area to convert to NGVs. Total says it will assist fleets in their transition to natural gas.

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