The Moving Forward Act Addresses U.S. Infrastructure, Renewable Energy


What began as a bill aimed at boosting the U.S. transportation and infrastructure sectors has morphed into a $1.5 trillion federal stimulus package that includes provisions of benefit to the U.S. transportation industry.

H.R.2, the Moving Forward Act, was recently introduced to the House of Representatives. The bill is planned to be voted on before July 4 and would provide funding for various renewable and green energy projects.

While $300 billion has been allotted to build and fix the country’s infrastructure – including bridges and roads – the bill also aims to address carbon emissions and provide renewable energy companies with credits to aid in the development of future projects.  

Included in the bill are the following provisions to foster the growth of the U.S. transportation industry:

  • Formula grants for buses
  • Bus facilities and fleet expansion competitive grants
  • Zero-emission bus grants
  • Restoration to state of good repair formula subgrant
  • Highway research and development program
  • Materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions program
  • Transportation research and development 5-year strategic plan
  • Unsolicited research initiative
  • National cooperative multimodal freight transportation research program
  • Wildlife-vehicle collision reduction and habitat connectivity improvement
  • State surface transportation system funding pilots
  • National surface transportation system funding pilot

To access the full transcript of the Moving Forward Act, click here.

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