Texas Municipality Taking A Deeper Dive Into Propane Autogas


The City of Temple, Texas, is working with CleanFuel USA and Public Solutions Group to convert 11 of its fleet vehicles to run on propane autogas. The project is getting support from the Clean Start Propane Refueling, Vehicle Incentive & Outreach Program, which Texas State Technical College administers.

Right now, there are four autogas-powered vehicles in the city's fleet of 425 vehicles (38% ‘general’ vehicles, 38% light trucks, 22% heavy trucks and 2% motorcycles). Most of these vehicles accumulate at least 120,000 miles each over their average seven-year lifetimes.

The 11 vehicles that will be converted under the $100,000 grant will use an autogas bi-fuel system. The city, which owns and operates propane refueling infrastructure at its fleet services center, is expecting annual fuel savings to be between $2,500 and $3,000 per vehicle (approximately 1,800 gallons of propane consumed annually per vehicle).

‘Our current vehicles have proven to be successful and have saved the city over $1,000 in the few short months they have been in operation,’ says Ashley Williams, the city's sustainability and grant manager. ‘It is a cleaner fuel than gasoline and is abundantly produced in Texas, enabling the city to exercise its Sustainability Management Plan.’

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