Texas Firm Launching Fleet of Long-Range LNG Trucks


Universal LNG Solutions Inc. (ULNG), a Texas-based company focused on natural gas liquefaction, regasification and related technologies, has rolled out the first four trucks in a fleet of 95 liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered big rigs. The company claims the fleet will help ‘change the face of long-distance trucking,’ as each new LNG tractor-trailer is expected to be able to haul 80,000 pounds of goods for more than 700 miles per fill-up.

‘These are the most advanced Freightliner Cascadia trucks equipped with a new breed of Cummins Westport ISX12 G 400 HP engine,” says Jeffrey Liu, CEO of ULNG. “The magic that creates the added fuel efficiency, range and LNG hold time is the integration of a Westport iCE PACK 240 dual-tank LNG fuel system and use of cold LNG during operations.”

The company says the fleet, which will ship goods throughout Texas and the surrounding states during a two-month pilot program between ULNG and partners, will help demonstrate how trucking companies can lower costs while reducing their carbon footprint using LNG engines.

‘Though we are the energy capital of the world, the U.S. is far behind in the LNG application field compared to its global peers in Europe and Asia,” says Liu. “It is time to make a statement, and I believe that we should do so starting at our home turf here in Texas.’

For this reason, ULNG says it is expanding its on-road commercial fleet and enlisting its key partners, including Sancus Energy and LA Freightliner/Velocity Group, to join the effort. The fleet will be serviced through ULNG's network of stations.

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