Tata Motors Unveils Compressed Natural Gas, Fuel Cell, Electric Vehicles


Tata Motors has unveiled four new alternative fuel concept vehicles at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo: the Tata Nano CNG, the Tata Indigo Manza diesel-electric hybrid car, the Tata Starbus Fuel Cell, and the Tata Magic Iris CNG.

According to Tata Motors, its compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Tata Nano features a gas injection system that has been thoroughly calibrated with the energy management system for smart switching between CNG and gasoline fuel systems. The car comes with a touring range of more than 150 km in addition to the existing 375 km touring range of the Nano 2012.

Powered by a hybrid 1.05 liter DiCOR engine and electric motors, the Indigo Manza Hybrid is an efficient yet powerful sedan with a focus on drivability, due to its nature of being both a series and parallel hybrid, Tat Motors says.

The Tata Magic IRIS CNG comes equipped with a powerful 611 cc, water-cooled CNG engine, which the company says generates 12.8 hp, and a five-speed gear box.

According to Tata Motors, its Starbus Fuel Cell concept vehicle, developed with support from India's Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under the Technology Development and Demonstration Programme, involves a hydrogen fuel cell with gross peak power of 114 hp, coupled with a motor with a peak power output of 250 hp and a maximum speed of 70 kmph.

Tata Motors notes that its portfolio already includes a full electric vehicle, the Tata Indica Vista Electric Vehicle, and CNG-electric hybrid buses.

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