Sweden Hosts New Liquefied Methane Gas Refueling Station Through BiMe Trucks Project


Last week, the BiMe Trucks project – a Sweden-based initiative aimed at developing a market for long-distance diesel-powered freight vehicles that run on methane – opened Stockholm's first refueling station for liquefied methane gas.

During the opening ceremony, Volvo Trucks displayed a number of its FM MethaneDiesel trucks, which are powered by a 13-liter engine designed to run on a combination of biogas and diesel. Volvo Trucks, FordonsGas, AGA, E.ON and Energigas Sverige are among the key participants in the project.

Refueling stations are planned for Malmo and Jonkoping, and the BiMe Trucks project coordinators say additional stations will come online ‘to keep pace with the increase in demand.’ Sweden's first station for liquefied methane gas opened in Goteborg last October.

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