NGVAmerica, SWANA Tout Natural Gas for Haulage Operations


The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), along with NGVAmerica, says the two companies have released a white paper on safety and best practices for natural gas-powered refuse trucks, touting the benefits of the alternative fuel.

According to SWANA, the white paper, titled Natural Gas – A Clean, Safe and Smart Choice for the Waste and Recycling Industry, details basic natural gas vehicle (NGV) information, safe operation practices and proper maintenance for natural gas collection and transfer vehicles.

“Natural gas is the clear alternative fuel of choice for waste and recycling fleets across the country,” says Dan Bowerson, NGVAmerica’s director of technology and development.

David Biderman, SWANA’s executive director, adds, “Waste truck fleet operators in both the private and public sectors need to make sure they operate natural gas-fueled vehicles safely. This collaboration is an example of SWANA’s relentless focus on improving the industry’s safety performance in the United States and Canada.”

SWANA notes that more than 50% of new refuse trucks placed into service are fueled by natural gas, due to lower operating costs and environmental impacts, and if natural gas vehicles are maintained and operated within their recommended service conditions, the vehicles are as safe as gasoline or diesel vehicles.

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