South Dakota City Kicks Off Comprehensive Fleet Study


The City of Sioux Falls, S.D., has begun a comprehensive review of its various fleet operations. The project aims to determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide city-wide fleet services and will consider a wide array of possible solutions, including the use of alternative fuels.

The city says its fleet contains about 900 snowplows, emergency response vehicles, parks and recreation equipment, construction equipment, and other vehicles and machinery it owns, manages and maintains.

Mercury Associates Inc., a fleet management consulting firm, has been selected to conduct the study. The project will include a review of the following seven areas:

– Fuel program and use of alternative fuels;
– Use of technology to complement fleet operations;
– Fleet organizational and operational structure;
– Fleet facilities and facility locations;
– Vehicle utilization, preventive maintenance and life cycle management;
– Parts operations and inventories; and
– Fleet funding, chargebacks and cost recovery.

“The taxpayers expect us to get the most from each dollar they invest with the city, and this is just one of the many ways the city continually strives to improve business operations,” says Tracy Turbak, the city's finance director.

The study is expected to conclude in March or April, allowing the city the opportunity to begin implementing any recommended changes in 2015, as well as budget for any additional improvements in 2016.

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