Solaris Will Provide Hydrogen-Powered Buses to Essen, Germany


European hydrogen bus manufacturer Solaris has signed a contract with German operator Ruhrbahn GmbH to supply 19 zero-emission, hydrogen-powered buses to the city of Essen. The vehicles will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells that generate electricity on board, and advanced ADAS safety systems.

These vehicles are scheduled for delivery in 2024 and 2025, marking the first presence of Solaris buses on the streets of Essen. The order includes the delivery of nine Urbino 12 hydrogen models and 10 Urbino 18 hydrogen models, marking the first order from this operator.

“We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to supply Essen with the latest hydrogen vehicles, which will not only enhance passenger comfort, but also represent a new stage in the transformation of the transportation industry,” says Olivier Michard, member of the board responsible for Sales and Marketing at Solaris Bus & Coach. “I am delighted that Ruhrbahn has decided to take this strategic step for the transformation of the transport industry and that together we can shape a more sustainable future with an emphasis on innovation and ecology.”

The ordered buses will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells that generate electrical energy onboard. The 12-meter models will use a 70 kW fuel cell, while the articulated buses will have a 100 kW fuel cell. All models will be powered by central electric motors. Urbino hydrogen buses will also feature Solaris High Power batteries designed to support the fuel cell during increased activity.

The vehicles will be air-conditioned using a CO2 device with heat pump heating function. Each Urbino hydrogen bus will offer passengers USB chargers and an extensive passenger information system. The increase in passenger and driver safety will be ensured by GSR2 Systems, including turn-assistant and brake-assistant functions. The operator has also opted for eSConnect, Solaris’ proprietary tool that allows full access to data necessary to assess bus performance and plan its further operation.

Urbino hydrogen buses are already operating in German cities such as Cologne, Wuppertal, Hofolding, Weimar, Frankfurt, Gross-Zimmern and in the Munich metropolitan area. Further contracts are in the pipeline involving Aschaffenburg, Krefeld, Güstrow, Gross-Gerau, Hamburg and Duisburg.

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