Solaris Receives Order for Five Urbino 12 Hydrogen Buses from Mantua, Italy


The transport operator APAM Esercizio S.p.A., based in Mantua, Italy, has placed an order for five modern Urbino 12 hydrogen-powered buses from Solaris Bus & Coach. Deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2025.

Located in the nation’s Lombardy region, Mantua is targeting hydrogen solutions in its efforts to decarbonize the area. This aligns perfectly with this latest five-bus order received by Solaris. The province of Mantua is participating in a project to establish a Hydrogen Valley, a project anticipated to produce over 1,500 tons of hydrogen from renewable sources per year.

Key features of the Solaris Urbino 12 bus include 70-kW hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen will be stored in five composite bottles placed on the roof of the vehicle. The buses will be equipped with electric motors in the drive axle, powered by the energy generated in the fuel cell. Thanks to this technology, the buses will emit only water vapor into the environment.

Although this is the first order from the client APAM Esercizio, Solaris’ position on the Italian peninsula is strongly established. Recent notable orders include 105 electric buses for Milan, 112 articulated trolleybuses for AMT Genova, 130 Urbino 12 hydrogen buses for TPER in Bologna and 90 hydrogen buses for Azienda Veneziana della Mobilita.

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