Solano County Touts New CNG Station, Electric Bus Fleet


Solano County Transit (SolTrans) recently celebrated the opening of its new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station, as it is replacing its existing diesel bus fleet with ones that run on natural gas, and it also introduced a brand-new, all-electric bus fleet, according to a report from the Times-Herald.

As reported, the event was held at SolTrans’ operations and maintenance facility in Vallejo, Calif., on Friday and attracted several local, regional, state and federal dignitaries.

Officials say that the CNG buses were traveling back and forth to a special fueling and maintenance facility in American Canyon to fill up. Now that the Vallejo facility is complete and operational, the buses can refuel on-site.

Citing Assemblyman Tim Grayson, the report says that the use of CNG reduces emissions and fuel costs and increases efficiency, which ultimately “improves quality of life for our residence – a sustainable transit system that connects people to their jobs, to recreation and the other things they need.”

SolTrans and Solano Transportation Authority board member and Suisun City Mayor Pete Sanchez also spoke at the event, providing a short outline of the area’s plan for a sustainable public transit system. According to Sanchez, the plan was initiated several years ago and was awarded $1.2 million in federal funds in 2010.

The CNG and electric buses were on display at the event, and attendees were given tours of the new electric options, the report adds.

As previously reported, SolTrans placed an order with BYD in March 2016 for two 40-foot K9 electric buses that can drive as far as 155 miles on a single charge. The K9 is BYD’s most popular electric bus model, with the company claiming to have about 6,000 K9s in service worldwide.


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Nicholas Littlejohn
Nicholas Littlejohn
6 years ago

Myth, electric buses save us all $17,000.00 to $30,000.00 per year per bus and many routes are around 150 miles a day..they can also recharge in minutes at the stop if needed.

6 years ago

what an irresponsible use of tax payer dollars. Electric buses are 2.5 times the cost of a diesel bus and they are likely to realize any cost savings or even breakeven on those buses. The inclusion of them in their fleet feels like a politically correct move. CNG is the only alternative that actually provides real cost savings over the life of the equipment with similar refueling. buses drive more than 155 miles a day usually and would probably require an hour or more to charge. CNG can fill in minutes. I wish the electric craze would die. Plus, does… Read more »