SoCalGas Opens CNG Station in Murrieta, Calif.


SoCalGas has opened a new compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Murrieta, Calif., that will be its 15th public-access station to date.

Located at the SoCalGas operating base at 41376 Guava St., the 24-hour retail station is situated for trucks and other commercial vehicles traveling between Southern California locations.

Although the Murrieta station is accessible to all natural gas vehicles (NGVs), it is designed to provide optimized access for trucks and commercial vehicles, according to SoCalGas. The design features include a wider turning radius and ample space to allow for safe, efficient fueling for multiple vehicles.

“Fuel availability is a key requirement for any NGV fleet operator, and SoCalGas has worked to ensure that Southern California has one of the best CNG refueling networks in the U.S. – one that continues to grow every year,” says Mike Schneider, vice president of operations support for SoCalGas. “We are pleased to add the Murrieta station to our network and believe its location and truck-friendly design will make it a vital asset to NGV fleet operators and the growing numbers of heavy-duty trucking customers.”

The new CNG station features four dispenser hoses with modern nozzles similar to gasoline and diesel dispensers and overhead canopies to protect customers from sun and rain. LED signage enables motorists to compare natural gas fuel prices and drought-tolerant landscaping surrounds the station.

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