Seattle Transit Fleet Piloting All-Electric Heavy-Duty Buses


Seattle-based King County Metro is deploying two 40-foot all-electric transit buses from Proterra Inc. as a part of a new pilot program. The agreement also includes the provision of Proterra's fast-charge system to the fleet.

King County Metro already operates electric trolleys and diesel-electric hybrid vehicles. Proterra's buses will help the fleet assess the potential for adding new electric-vehicle platforms to its service.

Funding for the electric buses and fast-charge system, which are scheduled to be delivered in the first half of 2015, will be provided by Federal Transit Administration TIGGER funding and matching funds from King County. At the end of the one-year trial period, King County Metro will have the option purchase up to 200 additional buses and additional fast-charge systems.

Proterra notes that its EV transit technology has also been deployed in metros such as San Antonio; Nashville; Worcester, Mass.; Seneca, S.C.; and a number of others.

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