Scania Supplying More Than 200 Biodiesel-Powered HD Trucks to Heavy Hauler

Scania, one of the world's largest manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and engines, is delivering 220 biodiesel-powered trucks to Austria-based long-haul carrier Nothegger Transport. The truck engines, which meet Euro 6 emissions standards, are designed to run on 100% biodiesel.

In Austria, biodiesel is generally cheaper than traditional diesel fuel, and there are also tax incentives for the use of the fuel. Nothegger expects to cut its operating costs by about $7,000 per truck annually through the use of biodiesel alone.

Nothegger's trucks will feature Scania's 13.0-liter, inline six-cylinder engine, which is available in 450 hp and 490 hp configurations with SCR and EGR aftertreatment systems. Scania also offers a 9-liter, five-cylinder biodiesel engine.

‘Scania is presently offering no less than 17 engines in its Euro 6 range, of which four can be run on 100 percent biodiesel,’ says Scania's Orjan Aslund, Product Affairs. ‘And our customers can expect more to come.’


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