Ryder Supplying CNG Trucks to Florida Dairy Fleet


Ryder System Inc. has signed a full-service lease agreement to supply three compressed natural gas (CNG) heavy-duty trucks to Florida-based dairy M&B Products.

M&B produces, manufactures and packages fruit juices, milk, yogurt and water in a variety of packages under an assortment of brand names. The company will use the new CNG vehicles to support its fleet that services distributors in the South Florida region from Tampa to Miami.

Ryder says it will provide maintenance to the new CNG trucks at its Tampa, Fla., service facility located at 4015 N. 40th St., which is already engineered to meet the unique maintenance compliance requirements for natural gas.

“Adding natural gas heavy-duty trucks to our delivery fleet aligns with our efforts to raise the bar on eco-friendly farming,” says Mike McGucken, M&B Products' transportation consultant. “We are proud to work with Ryder to bring this cleaner technology into our business, so we can not only run an efficient and environmentally sound dairy, but also be a good neighbor and corporate citizen. M&B continuously looks for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.”

According to Ryder, the CNG trucks are being made available through M&B Products' participation in the Natural Gas Fuel Fleet Vehicle Rebate Program, which is funded by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The program provides eligible applicants a rebate worth up to $25,000 on each vehicle for the cost of conversion or the incremental cost incurred by an applicant in connection with the conversion, purchase or lease for a minimum term of five years.

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